Finance SOS : Mastering Growth & Cash Flow

It’s one part of a business often neglected…

Not because it’s not essential.

Firstly, because most of us never had access to learn foundational finance.

And secondly, when growing a business, sales, and marketing are the priority.

But as time passes, even though there’s every intent to go back and get to grips on the financials, time is against us.

And out of necessity, owners scrape by hoping the figures add up, or blindly trust an accountant and keep their fingers crossed they know what they’re doing.

Both these scenarios are far from ideal, and they can easily blow up in their face.

This is why Finance SOS exists


Module 1: Decoding Financial Mysteries: Your Guide to Financial Statements
1.1 Unveiling the Basics: The ABCs of Financial Statements
1.2 The Power of Interpretation: Unraveling Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and Cash Flow Statements 

Module 2: Mastering the Lifeblood of Business: Cash Flow Planning and Analysis
2.1 The Heartbeat of Your Business: Understanding the Operating Cash Flow Cycle
2.2 The Strategic Player: Diving into the Investing Cash Flow Cycle
2.3 Your Key to Financial Agility: Strategies for Optimizing Working Capital Accounts
2.4 A Peek into the Future: Long-term Investments and Calculating ROI 

Module 3: The Crystal Ball of Business: Valuing Future Opportunities and Optionality
3.1 The Magic of Possibilities: Understanding Optionality in Business
3.2 Hidden Treasures: Valuing Opportunities that May Not Provide Immediate Cash Flow
3.3 The Art of the Unknown: Decision-making Strategies for Uncertain Future Payoffs 

Module 4: The Growth Code: Unpacking Financial Metrics for Growth and Profitability
4.1 Your Business Health Check: Key Financial Metrics for Businesses
4.2 The Art of Efficiency: Making the Most of Your Capital
4.3 The Growth Thermometer: Monitoring Revenue, Customer, and Leads Growth 

Module 5: Value Amplification: Taking Action to Increase Business Value
5.1 The Value Booster: Strategies for Increasing Business Value
5.2 From Analysis to Action: Implementing Changes Based on Financial Analysis 

Module 6: The Big League: Advanced Topics in Business Finance
6.1 Your Growth Engine: Investment Strategies for Businesses
6.2 The Price Tag: Business Valuation Techniques
6.3 The Profit Machine: Profitability Analysis and Growth Planning 

Module 7: The Golden Thread: Linking Marketing & Sales Expenditure to Cash Flow and Valuation 
7.1 The Money Trail: How Marketing and Sales Spending Impacts Your Cash Flow
7.2 Investing in Growth: Understanding the ROI of Your Marketing and Sales Efforts
7.3 The Valuation Effect: How Strategic Marketing and Sales Spending Can Boost Your Business Value 

Important Details To Note

  • Finance SOS will run for 6 weeks starting: Thursday, 7 September 2023, 11 am EST to Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 12pm AEST

  • This Live training will feature 2 calls per week suited for your current timezone. (Both recorded)
  • It has been specifically designed so you’ll get value no matter what level you are currently at.

  • No Fluff, just actionable value

  • We are currently running a 50% discount off the full price. Once this Live Training is complete, the cost of Finance SOS will increase forever.
    (No Black Friday Deals I’m afraid)

If getting to grips with the financial side of your business has been on your to-do list for a while, join us before the price doubles.