Growth SOS PLUS Permanent Upgrade Bundle (Tracking, Techie & Finance SOS)

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Take your business to the next level, with advanced growth strategies to break through revenue glass ceilings and outperform in your market.
PLUS the Permanent Upgrade Bundle, equips you and your team with the crucial technical, financial, and tracking skills often missing in business management.

Permanent Upgrade Bundle – Tracking, Techie & Finance SOS

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The skills 95% of Business owners lack are:

  • Techie Know How
  • Financial Chops
  • Tracking Skills

Without them, businesses will hit a revenue glass ceiling.

The Permanent Upgrade SOS Bundle contains Tracking SOS, Financial SOS, and Techie SOS will give entrepreneurs and business owners the skills needed to operate differently and separate themselves from the rest of their market.

Finance SOS

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Mastering Growth & Cash Flow in your business is difference between living from month to month, or intelligently growing your revenue and company valuation.

Financial SOS Live Trainings arm you with vital financial foundations to play the game at a higher level and empowers you with a set of skills to make better business decisions.

Without the need for a 4 year college degree, or blindly trusting CFO or accountant with important decisions that directly effect your livelihood.

Techie SOS

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It's a common problem. Where most entrepreneurs and owners hit a brick wall is with the techie side of business.

For a few, it’s child play; to most, it’s more excruciating and painful to our ears than nails on a blackboard.

In Techie SOS, we pinpoint and explain the most common tech obstacles you’ll face and give you comprehensive How-To-Guides on overcoming them saving you hours of frustration and thousands of dollars in unnecessary Dev costs.

Tracking SOS

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What's the cost of NOT sending tracking signals to Google and FB’s AI machines?

High CPA's, wasted ad spend, lost revenue for a start.

Honestly, we're tired of seeing so many businesses not tracking properly. Especially as this stuff is not difficult if it’s learnt from the fundamentals.

Tracking SOS gives you skills, without the fluff so you can track your business to expert level, even if Tracking & Analytics makes you want to punch a hole in your laptop.

Introduction to LeadsHook

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Goal of this Course...

  • At the end of this short course you’ll be able to…
  • Create a simple decision tree.
  • Create and save data into custom fields
  • Create and accumulate tags
  • Deploy your decision tree
  • Transfer leads using an Email Marketing System connection

DRIP Magic

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This course teaches you to firing 'just-in-time' communications such as emails, SMS, push notifications based on visitors, leads and customers behaviour. This is an ADVANCED course and assumes prior experience working with various tracking and analytics tools, including a tag manager like GTM.