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Finally, a true business growth course that covers every aspect of your business…

# Module
1 Introduction to GrowthSOS
2 Assumed Knowledge & How to Use TrackingSOS, TechieSOS & FinanceSOS
3 Simulating Impact of Your Actions on Revenue, Profitability, Business Value & Net Worth
4 3 Causes of Profitability… But ONLY 1 Cause That Has Most Impact!
5 Capability Assessment: Knowing Your Strengths & Weaknesses
6 Valuing Opportunities With Respect to Your Capability
7 Picking the RIGHT Game for YOU to Play!
8 The Right ORDER of Mapping Your Wealth to Your Revenue
9 To Partner or NOT to Partner!
10 Investors & Their Terms: Why you might not have much left at exit!
11 The Finance Audit
12 The Team Audit
13 The Systems & Processes Audit
14 The Recruitment Audit
15 The Tracking & Analytics Audit
16 The Market Segmentation Audit
17 The Marketing Audit
18 The Universal Business Plan
19 Cleaning Up Your Financial Statements
20 Tracking Your North Star
21 Data Detective Strategies… Lessons for Business Growth from Finding a $6 Billion Dollar Financial Hole!
22 Creating Business Value: Manufacture a Buying Frenzy for Your Business!
23 Extracting & Banking Business Value
24 20 Easy Marketing Wins You’re Not Exploiting Right Under Your Nose!
25 How to Find Wasted AdSpend Your Ads Manager is Hiding!

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Course Dates :

Thursday February 1, 2024 at 10am (US EST) / 3pm (UK)

Thursday February 8, 2024 at 10am (US EST) / 3pm (UK)

Thursday February 15, 2024 at 10am (US EST) / 3pm (UK)

Thursday February 22, 2024 at 10am (US EST) / 3pm (UK)

For 4-6 Weeks: Weekly Calls ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours (depending on Q&A) 

BONUS #1: The Congruency Split-Test

In this bonus, you’ll discover… 

  • How to properly setup your split-tests. You’ll learn why verticals split-tests matter more than horizontal split-tests!
  • How to calculate the true cost of your split-test and why this should be your first step. Managing ad-spend is the same as being a money-manager. You’re taking risks with scarce capital so it’s time to act like a money-manager because that’s what you truly are!
  • A universal list of split-tests which gives you maximum benefit at the lowest risk.
  • What test you must almost always do first. It’s a common mistake to test for conversions and not impact!
  • The mathematics of split-testing. Discover how long you should run your test for and how many visitors you should expose to each test variant.

BONUS #2: How to Find and Train Your Team So Your Business Meets Its Goals Without Pulling Your Hair Out!

In this special bonus, you’ll receive…

  • You’ll receive the workflow to systemize hiring and onboarding your team members.
  •  You’ll uncover the little known trick to manage 2FA access for your whole team without ever paying extortion prices imposed with SSO features! You can’t afford to ignore security and control access to your various apps and systems!
  • When you MUST use a non-disclosure agreement, non-compete agreement and a contract and when not to!
  • How to self-host your very own ‘Upwork’ and save paying massive fees and also save your team up to 10-20%! That’s like giving a pay raise without giving a pay raise.
  • How much contact should you have with your team or are you hiring people and just doing their job!

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