Vital Foundational Skills To Intelligently Scale Any Business


Tracking, Techie & Finance SOS

Everyone gets into online business with high hopes.

Driven on promises, they can run their first offer, build a Pay Per Lead Business, or execute one of the many other business models and start “crushing it” 🙄 in a few days. 

This a bare-faced lie.

Fact is, building an online business is hard.

And anyone who’s been in this game longer than 5 minutes will agree.

You’re flying by the seat of your pants.

Every day, you have to dive in to learn new things.

Even the smallest techie obstacle can put the brakes on a project for way longer than it should.

This is true in most businesses, even if you’re a veteran.

This is why those same battle-scarred veterans know without certain foundational skills. 

You can add unnecessary months and even years to scale your business to the size you want.

Unfortunately, the reality is this:

Just because a marketer has strong copywriting skills…

…Won’t help they can’t track what part of the funnel is killing their conversions.

Or, they may know their way around Facebook Ads Manager…

…But when it comes to optimization, that doesn’t mean sh*t if they can’t double-check the conversion numbers and ensure the data is correct. 

(Which is actually very rare) 

Or, even if sales are rolling in, without some training on reporting all this stuff…

…When the time comes, the chance of selling the business for what it’s worth drops significantly.

Of course, they could outsource this or hand over to a team.

But who’s checking the people they hire are doing the best job they can?

Let me ask you this.

How many fakers have you come across who talk the talk, but after you put your trust in them, it ends in frustration, disappointment, and an expensive hole in your bank account.

This is why the Permanent Upgrade SOS Bundle (Tracking, Techie & Finance SOS) exists.

Now this doesn’t mean you must become experts in all 3 parts of your business.

(Even though in the end, you’ll be able to school any so-called expert in these fields)

Instead, it’s to gain foundational knowledge and confidence in these crucial areas to hold your team accountable, make smart financial decisions, and avoid costly delays. 

What's Included


What is the cost of NOT sending tracking signals to Google and FB’s AI machines?

Honestly, we are tired of seeing so many businesses not tracking properly.

This stuff is not difficult if it’s learnt from the fundamentals.

Nothing stops and breaks more campaigns than this one thing.


Finance SOS brings some advanced thinking skills on how to evaluate opportunities that go beyond simple AOV, LTV, and CPAs.

Giving you a no-fluff online business education without a 4-year commitment and being thousands of dollars in debt at the end of it.


Where most entrepreneurs and owners become unstuck is with the techie side of business.

For a few, it’s child play; to most, it’s more excruciating and painful to our ears than nails on a blackboard.

In Techie SOS, we pinpoint and explain the most common tech obstacles you’ll face and give you comprehensive How-To-Guides on overcoming them


All the training in the SOS series are available as individual courses.

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