How Sloppy Tracking is Wasting your
Hard Earned Capital…

Why is this one of the best investments you can make in this year?

While ChatGPT is consuming all of the air time, the reality is the state of tracking and analytics is abysmal.

How bad is it?

See this image of our test pixel “Testing 2″…

Here’s one of our test pixels that is even today getting a ton of traffic.

This could be down to a mistake or just sloppiness…

No matter what the problem is…These marketers are getting false numbers, and as a result, any decisions they are make are based on skewed results.

Which means they could potentially be throwing money down the drain on AD spend.

Or even giving up early on winning campaigns.

In short…You can no longer just delegate and forget!

Because when conversion tracking breaks, you can see the number of leads generated drop (and cost per acquisition skyrocket) within a few days.

Which means marketers who are delegating or outsourcing now have no choice but to have working knowledge of tracking and analytics.

So you can verify your tracking is set up correctly!

How can you verify unless you know the fundamentals…

LeadsHook Users are generally the smartest and most technically savvy.

And it shows…As a number of users are spending over US$1M per month… and up to… $20M per month.

Marketers who are spending millions per month don’t have tracking weaknesses…and those who want to scale shouldn’t have either.

The fastest way to build this capability is via training with a practitioner, Nik Thakorlal.

(Details about Nik below).


Tracking SOS Training

While this course can get you to a fairly high level if you want…

It will also give you a great working knowledge so you can fix issues and more importantly verify the work being done.

And, perhaps for the first time, critically evaluate who you want to hire so you know you won’t have tracking issues in the future.

What Is This Course About?

What is the cost of NOT sending tracking signals to Google and FB’s AI machines?

If you’re wasting your precious time and finite enthusiasm on techie issues, then read on…

We recently analyzed the tickets we get…and can clearly see what the most common issue is…

Tracking & Analytics

Honestly, I am tired of seeing so many businesses not tracking properly.

This stuff is not difficult if it’s learnt from the fundamentals.

Nothing stops and breaks more campaigns than this one thing.

We’ll start from ground zero, and I’ll assume you know nothing.

Then we’ll build it up there and cover every aspect of tracking…

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics 4 (Client & Serverside)
  • Google Ads Conversions
  • Bing
  • Facebook (Clientside & Serverside)
  • TikTok

I’ll even go through other popular tools used in the industry like…

  • Hyros
  • CPV Labs for affiliate tracking.
  • PostHog
  • And more…


Discover how ChatGPT makes life easy when generating scripts. You no longer need a dev, and I’ll prove it to you.

Why Is This Course Even Needed?

I’ve seen projects delayed by months because they’re stuck in techie wildness not knowing who to hire or having the technical skills to check if work had been done as expected.

Or worse…

Hire so-called ‘experts’ and spend $700-$2k for each fix! And do it multiple times costing you thousands in direct costs, and even more, because when your campaign is sitting in limbo, it does NOT make money.

Ask yourself…

What’s your daily loss of revenue when a campaign is not Live?

Don’t Get Frozen In Marketing Purgatory…

This is where you can see, smell and almost touch the LIVE button that unleashes your campaign, but you can’t go live because tracking is not working!

If this is you, then you could be leaving a lot of money on the table even if you have a profitable campaign.

It’s time for you to decide if the opportunity cost of not sending accurate conversion signals for your ads is worth it…

Because if you’re not:

With skewed numbers, you’re probably prematurely killing profitable campaigns!

The conversion pixel events that give FB and Google (and all other ad networks) insights so their AI systems will never find your most profitable leads and customers in the fastest possible time.

However, this technical handicap isn’t a problem anymore.


✅ Being able to quickly and easily adjust, fix and verify small tracking issues

✅ No longer waiting for hours or even days before your tracking is fixed and paying for the hundred or even thousands of dollars for the privilege

✅ Never sitting around twiddling your thumbs and crossing your fingers hoping your tracking is set up properly in the first place

✅ Having peace of mind you’re not needlessly throwing money down the drain month after month and getting the most accurate number to make your business decisions.

If you value your time and Ad spend, then this course is practically free.

In fact, it’s about half the cost of just ONE Google Tag Manager job with Server Side tracking!

Tracking SOS Course Outline

Module 1: Why Not Tracking Could Easily Mean Losing Your Shirt!
1.1. Understanding online tracking and its role in digital marketing
1.2. How tracking helps improve profitability and customer understanding
1.3. Identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business
1.4. Finance 101: Understanding the Difference Between Accruals vs Cash Basis 
1.5. Bonus #2: Business vs Marketing Tracking: How to Avoid a Business-Killing $600,000 Mistake!

Module 2: Quickly & Easily Lose Your Fear Of Tracking
2.1. Overview of tracking technologies: cookies, pixels, and tags
2.2. Navigating JS Console
2.2. First-party vs. third-party cookies
2.3. Client-side vs. server-side tracking

Module 3: GPT4: Say Hello to Your $20 Per Month World Class Developer!
3.1. Understanding the Universal Structure of Prompts
3.2. Example: Getting Ads Created That Don’t Suck (or Reek of AI from a Mile Away!)
3.3. How We’ll Be Using GPT4 Throughout This Course 

Module 4: Quick & Easy Foundational Techie Skills
4.1. Setting Up Your Tracking Environment
4.2. Client Side tracking & tracing
4.3. Server Side tracking & tracing 

Module 5: How to Make Google Tag Manager (GTM) Perform Like a Lapdog
5.1. Introduction to Google Tag Manager
5.2. Understanding the data layer and its role in tracking
5.3. Using the dataLayer like a pro.
5.3. Creating, configuring, and deploying tags with GTM
5.4. Creating triggers and variables
5.5. Debugging and previewing GTM implementation

Module 6: Understanding Events… And You’ve Pretty Much Graduated to Tracking Grandmaster Level!
6.1. Introduction to Event tracking and its importance in digital marketing
6.2. Understanding Events for Tracking vs. Conversions vs Audiences
6.3. Implementing event tracking with Google Tag Manager
6.4. Analyzing & viewing event data to optimize user experience and conversions
6.5. Implementing event tracking in various ad networks (summary only)
– Google Analytics 4
– Facebook tracking
– TikTok tracking
– Twitter Ads
– LinkedIn Ads
– Pinterest Ads
– Snapchat Ads
– Bing Ads
– Now it’s getting boring! 🙂

Module 7: Understanding the Universal Pattern for Tracking
7.1: What is the Universal Pattern for Tracking
7.2  Understanding the Irrelevance of Tracking Pages
7.3. Why Tracking Events is All that Matters
7.4. Tracking Embeds
7.5. Tracking Multiple Domains
7.6. LeadsHook Decision Trees & Its Tracking Options

Module 8: Secret Free Audience Insights No One Is Using… (Madness)!
8.1. Understanding the importance of audience insights in online tracking
8.2. Introduction to popular audience insights tools
8.3. Utilizing audience insights tools to refine marketing strategies and optimize user experience
8.4. Integrating audience insights tools with other tracking platforms

Module 9: Understanding & Setting Up Conversions Tracking
9.1. Strategic Conversions Tracking – It’s not always about the thank you page!
9.2. Implementing conversion tracking with Google Tag Manager
9.3. In Depth Google Tag Manager Variables & Triggers

Module 10: Why You Should Consider Using Other Tracking Solutions
10.1. The Central Warehouse of Your Data
10.2. Using PostHog as an Example of Setting Up Any Other Tracking Tool 

Module 11: Setting Up and Configuring Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
11.1. Introduction to Google Analytics 4
11.2. BUG Alert! Transitioning from Universal Analytics to GA4
11.3. Setting up GA4 and understanding its interface
11.4. Configuring events, conversions, and user properties in GA4
11.5. Setting up goals and events in Google Analytics
11.6. Analyzing data in GA4 and leveraging its advanced features
11.7. Visualizing Your Data & Funnels
11.8. Advanced Google Analytics tracking
– Enhanced conversions
– Offline conversions
11.9. Server Side GA4 

Module 12: Setting Up and Configuring Google Ads
12.1. Introduction to Google Ads Tracking
12.2. Setting up Google Ads conversion tracking
12.3. Testing & Confirming Google Ads conversion tracking
12.4. Server Side Google Ads

Module 13: Facebook Tracking and Conversions
13.1. Introduction to Facebook Tracking
13.2. Setting up Facebook conversion tracking
13.3. Testing & Confirming Facebook conversion tracking
13.4. Setting Up & Testing Server Side Tracking

Module 14: TikTok Tracking
14.1. Introduction to Google Ads Tracking
14.2. Setting up TikTok conversion tracking
14.3. Testing & Confirming TikTok conversion tracking

Module 15: Twitter Ads
15.1. Introduction to Twitter Ads tracking
15.2. Setting up Twitter Ads conversion tracking
15.3. Testing & Confirming Twitter Ads conversion tracking

Module 16: LinkedIn Ads
16.1. Introduction to LinkedIn Ads Tracking
16.2. Setting up LinkedIn conversion tracking
16.3. Testing & Confirming LinkedIn conversion tracking

Module 17: Bing Ads
17.1. Introduction to LinkedIn Ads Tracking
17.2. Setting up LinkedIn Ads conversion tracking
17.3. Testing & Confirming LinkedIn Ads conversion tracking

Module 18: Final Project and Course Wrap-up
18.1. Applying your learning: Creating a comprehensive tracking strategy for your business
18.2. Course summary and key takeaways
18.3. Next steps for continued learning and growth

Module 19: Bonus #1 Conversion Boosting” Webinar

The investment for this training is only US$999.

(The shopping cart might add Australian Goods & Services Tax (GST) – this disappears when you select any other country).

BONUS #1: A Special “Conversion Boosting” Webinar

I am adding a bonus for a few bells and whistles I have found to make a big difference…

    • The number #1 mover of conversions that’s got nothing to do with your decision tree, ads, or even landing pages.
    • A weird place to add your forms (yes forms) that are getting good results. It’s not in the usual place!
      (This conversion booster is easily worth many more times the investment of this vital course.)
    • How to add silky smooth copy elements that get compliance when it comes to giving you email and phone details and verification. (The boost in contact rates dwarfs the price of this training).

BONUS #2: The Fundamentals of Finance –
Worth at least 100X the price of the course

In my 2nd Bonus, I’ll share fundamentals of finance that I’ve found are not commonly understood…

Highlighted by a recent consulting project, where this lack of understanding cost the business around $600,000!

Protect yourself with:

  • How to use BOTH cash-basis and accruals-basis to run your business. You need BOTH. One is for survival or solvency… and the other for true profitability.
  • Your simple-to-use (but critical) spreadsheet assures not just your survival but also how to thrive in your online business.

And until now, there has only been 1 way to get this as part of the consulting work I do, which starts at $10000.

However, I’ve decided to include it as Bonus #2 in the Tracking SOS Course, as frankly, it’ll be exponentially harder to grow without this foundational understanding.

So, the question is…

What is the value of never facing a Business Extinction Level Event?

Anyone who has been through this knows this pressure cracks even the most hardened business minds. As well as the detrimental impact on your health and relationships with your loved ones.

Now, go ahead and click the button below and see you on our zoom calls.

(All your calls will be recorded and available online so you can access in your own time)

Your Instructor 

Nik Thakorlal is the founder of LeadsHook – a marketing personalization software. He develops technologies to automate persuasion and digital marketing campaigns.

Nik ended up with a business where lead generation and sales were inconsistent.

This resulted in LeadsHook – which allows its users to learn about your market in real time to present the most appropriate message or offer to take the next step.

LeadsHook has provided an amazing opportunity to discover how businesses are generating leads and sales.

After creating, reviewing, and consulting with over 4000 campaigns, Nik has developed a capability to generate leads at scale using survey funnels and decision trees to deliver personalized scorecards, charts, reports, offers, sales messages, and content.

He’s helped clients generate thousands of leads per day using his decision tree tools and strategies.

Nik has a degree in mathematical finance with a background in investment management and approaches marketing and persuasion as a trading system that produces winners.

He specializes in building scale and capacity for rapid growth so a business can be packaged up for sale.